The Loveliness of Being

Speak Yourself Into Meaning

Hammers & Headaches

on June 6, 2013

Have you ever just felt that no matter what you say or do you leave yourself sounding like a fool? Like you get so caught up in your own thoughts that you end up pushing away the people you care about? You don’t mean to, but you say stupid things and think crazy thoughts, and lose your place?

That’s what my week has been. Continued disconnects, or misconnects really. Since most of my communication with the world is in writing, that might just make it worse.

Perhaps my head aches and lack of focus are not helping. My not sleeping and increased pain. The anniversary of my career ending (my tendency towards the dramatic . . .), and of other losses. But none of that is ever an excuse to be mean or misdirect negativity.

My response to all of this tends to be retreating farther into my thoughts. Throwing more words into the void to fix what I said before. But it’s like punching a hole in the wall and trying to fix it with a hammer.


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